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Drone specialist, Dynsysco provides services in the field of automatic control of unmmaned aerial vehicles (UAVs). With 15+ years of research and development on aerial drones, Dynsysco possesses a unique know-how in the following areas:

  • Flight control, fault-tolerant and reconfigurable flight control of drones
  • Actuator/sensor fault detection and isolation (FDI) systems, diagnostics
  • Guidance and navigation systems for drones
  • Estimation and filtering techniques
  • Obstacle avoidance systems
  • Systems modeling, design of simulators

  • The aerial drone platforms considered are:

  • Fixed wing aircraft
  • Multi-rotor helicopters
  • Airships

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    Contact us with your technical challenges, we look forward to bringing your projects ahead.

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    arrow.png Tech_Care Swiss specialist in air-quality assessment, has chosen Dynsysco and its drone technology to perform high-precision aerial air-quality checks.

    arrow.png Dynsysco successfully completed a modeling and control study for an industrial Hydrogen fuel-cell system. Want to know more? Contact us

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    Book releases

    ISBN : 978-1-84882-560-4 ISBN : 978-7-118-07723-0 ISBN : 978-90-481-9706-4