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Customized Professional Drones

Strong from its unique 15+ years know-how in drone technology, Dynsysco offers you state-of-the-art services in designing drones for your professional activities.

  • Dynsysco designs and assembles specialized drones to meet your exact needs.
  • The flight control algorithms are also designed and tuned in house, to provide you with best performance and match your mission requirements.

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    High-Performance Drones

    We design custom drones for (not exhaustive list) the following professional applications:

  • Aerial photography and filming : High definition 4k/30 fps, camera stabilized on a 3-axis gimble system
  • Aerial thermal inspection: with infra-red camera
  • Aerial inspection of infrastructure and laser-guided path following
  • Aerial spraying technology
  • Aerial client-payload transport up to 3 kg
  • Air quality measurement in partnership with Tech_Care

  • Dynsysco provides high-performance drones and a trained pilot to fly your requested missions.

    dynsysco drone    Ground control station

  • client payload of up to 3 kg
  • GPS trajectory tracking
  • autonomous/manual operations
  • in-flight data recording
  • safe operation: custom-vehicle protections, parachute-integrated system

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    arrow.png Tech_Care Swiss specialist in air-quality assessment, has chosen Dynsysco and its drone technology to perform high-precision aerial air-quality checks.

    arrow.png Dynsysco successfully completed a modeling and control study for an industrial Hydrogen fuel-cell system. Want to know more? Contact us

    Limited Offer

    Get your original copy of one of the most popular PhD Thesis on fault-tolerant control of drones.

    PhD_Thesis PhD_Thesis

    Book releases

    ISBN : 978-1-84882-560-4 ISBN : 978-7-118-07723-0 ISBN : 978-90-481-9706-4